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April 2019
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ZIPP 404s or not?
Filed under: bike lust
Posted by: beef @ 3:26 am

On going discussion, I want a buy a pair of race wheels. Zipp 404s are currently on top of my list. Also on the list are Easton EC90 aeros, TTs, Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLR and SL.

I’ve ridden the Zipps and they feel fast. They don’t roll any better then my Fulcrums but they are faster. I have heard mostly bad things about the reliability of these wheels. Will Clydesdales make any difference?

Any thoughts? No preference between clincher and tubular. I do realize that there is step change in weight between the two…

9 Responses to “ZIPP 404s or not?”

  1. doc Says:
    Aiyah…buy it lah!
  2. doc Says:
    BTW, you just need more pharmalogical assistance that’s all….wanna some help?
  3. OM Says:
    tubular is wonderful but oh so inconsistence. if you’re lucky, it hold air for 3 days, but it can also be almost flat overnight! But when it’s good, it FEELS so comfortable and fast. If you’re not into brand appeal, should consider the Corima Aero Plus. Great reputation, really tough. I have good experience with it so far…
  4. OM Says:
    BTW, pondering over a steel frame. tired of carbon or maybe I am finally feeling my age. Colnago or ColNOgo? Cervelo Prodigy/Super Prodigy? Any other recommendation blo 2.5K for the frame?
  5. zeeman Says:
    “On going discussion, I want a buy a pair of race wheels…” If you buy, you MUST then race in 2009. You should borrow hi-note’s new mavic cosmic carbon’s to try before you decide. they look/ feel (without riding) the strongest i’ve seen out there.
  6. zeeman Says:
    oh.. and go tubular. But go conti tubular. The air stays in them and they feel sublime. Gatorskin good enuff, no need for the GP4000.
  7. zeeman Says:
    OM, re: steel frame I reckon its time you got yourself a custom steel bike. Check out www.jonnycycles.com and www.donwalkercycles.com for some lovely examples. Worth checking out TR bikes too. They have some pieces, some very affordable. Def less than 2.5k.
  8. Lippy Says:
    Beef, Reynolds are great wheels, light, fast, super stiff! The new ones have the carbon weave like campy bora…and the tubular is only about 1.2kg
  9. beef Says:
    Super light and stiff is good but I also need super strong. I worry that they will break under me. I weigh much more than you so that is a challenge…

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