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May 2019
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Draftin’ is happenin’
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Draftin’ is happenin’

‘Festive season’ came as a 4-month block for one slack like me.
Water too cold (for swim), Too hungry (for run, since it’s always at dinner time right?), and of course – too familiar drinks on Fridays made Sat rides a rarity.

Getting too comfortable on the tandem and the pure lack of cycling – my embarrassing first reaction when I got on the bike again last tues was:

M: Shem, did u do anything to my bike? The handlebars feel loose, like it turns too easy
S: No, because tandem bikes hold straight, u don’t need to steer.

For smart-aleck statements, call 1800-GOM-SHEM

Anyhow, this was a new ride, a new start for 09 (bit late, yes). Almost 2 years from the time I was lured to get on a bike to go for ice cream till then, I was always nervous getting too close to the wheel in front of me. Seeing good people clip wheel; scratches, bruises, crashes – always way too plausible an occurrence for me.

Old man said – easy one. High note whispered that he’s going slow cos he sneaked out for a spin on Mon but don’t tell the boys.

I feel unsure, wobbly even as I started the ride. Reassurance from Old man – you’ll be ok after a while. I was grateful that easy meant easy that day - it wasn’t a pom pow, but a gradual increase in speed and pace. Drafting they say, helps save 30-40% of your energy. Unsure of again how safe I would be, but loosing steam too soon - I really didn’t want. As we rode, it got easier, I stay close, but not too close. Old man’s a good draft.

I was not going to ride faster even if I felt I had the energy. I was just gonna stay behind someone’s wheel – just in case. Then it became clear. Drafting IS Happening. Up the slopes, along the flats, just keep to the wheel. It was like tandem. Just separate tandem. Bridge the gap, then can rest. Enjoying it so much that I kept right behind when Hi-Note pow-ed the last stretch.

I was beaming. I was having the best ride day in a long time. That, and newfound love for my beloved bike.

Last tue - a The @sian Amateur Animal ride. A couple of monkeys and a pack of dogs. You know what I’m takin’ about.

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zee bike?
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Posted by: zeeman @ 2:05 am

Taking suggestions on what (road)bike would look good under zeeman.