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April 2019
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BTT Front to Back and Back again
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Posted by: beef @ 3:17 am

As usual Sunday afternoon, the SMSes were sent about who was riding… My excuse was the trail was probably going to be wet with all the rain we had… Keith said the weather was too ‘nice’ not to ride. I guess he was right, cos there I was at 3pm at the trailhead. I had a plan today. If no one showed (as expected) I would ride 1 round and go home.

There was one there when I started my ride. To my surprise, the trail was completely dry. So half way around I decided that I would ride the trail in reverse when I got back to the car park. We have been riding BTT for more the 10 years. In that time the trail has gone from challenging to mostly boring. NParks has made an effort to smoothen the trail to make it ’safer’ so parts that were hard to climb/descend are now relatively smooth (easy). Strangely while the trail has gotten easier, our times around have not reduced!

I rode the 6km in 24 minutes today. The ride was smooth and there was not much foot traffic. Maybe with OM there I may have gone a minute faster…maybe not.

Anyway, I reached the end and turned around. In the time that we’ve been riding the trail, most of us are able to make it all the way around without unclipping, meaning we are able to ride everything. I had to get off 3 times in reverse! My excuse is that in their effort to preserve the trail, NParks has taken to putting PVC pipes at the top of a lot of the drop offs (when in reverse these are the tops of the climbs) so I couldn’t make it over… lame… And of the sections that have been paved to make them ’safer’ are pretty hard to climb but I made those.

So if you were on the trail today between 3-4pm and saw a guy going the ‘wrong’ way, my apologies. But the thing is that it was a much more interesting ride, so I may be doing it again…soon

O, if you care, 26 minutes the other way. But it felt like 100% more effort required… my only excuse is that I couldn’t bomb the downhills for fear of running over someone…